From Paris to Shiraz

Amir Salamati/ August 10, 2019/ News

We proudly announce Rakab, the Persian Edition of Condottiere, an acclaimed area control game by Dominique Ehrhard, to be released this month. In Rakab, 2 to 6 players compete to control areas on the map by participating in several battles. In each match, players strengthen their army by playing soldier cards and scheming other players with modifiers cards. The player who captures three adjacent areas or five areas on the map wins the game. The story of Rakab started in the summer of 2018 with the email I sent to Dominique Erhard, the designer of the original title, to ask him

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Zirkhaki is uncovered

Amir Salamati/ May 25, 2019/ News/ 0 comments

Risking in life is like facing a sword that either cuts you in half or offers significant rewards. This feature in the game is known as Push Your Luck mechanism, where the player can take as much risk as he or she wants, thus increasing the chances of winning a prize or losing everything! The sense of this game for us was like a digger that pushes the soil away and welcomes danger in search of a few more gold. So we put the name of the game Zirkhaki which means relics buried under ground, and we tried to make

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A letter delivered to Gilas !

Amir Salamati/ April 5, 2019/ News/ 0 comments

A letter to Gilas which is a quick and fun card games for 2 to 4 players is out now. Although this is not a new project, in fact it is one of the first game we developed couple of years age… The game was first illustrated by Arash Ranjbaran (our ex-colleague) in 2016. At that time we wanted to make it a gift to our community for the Nowrooz (Iranian new year holiday in spring). So we turn it into a PnP on our website so fans could print and play. Since this game is linked to the memories

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Roomiz games…

Amir Salamati/ March 16, 2019/ News/ 0 comments

After 4 years of dedicating to getting to know Iranian people about the beautiful world of tabletop gaming, Roomiz will start to publish his own line of games from April. Most of our games will be original titles from Iran, whether mine or other Iranian game designers, along with licensed titles of games I love to share with our community. I surely continue the media part as I love creating content and blogging.   So… Let`s shuffle the cards and start the game!