Zirkhaki is uncovered

Amir Salamati/ May 25, 2019/ News/ 0 comments

Risking in life is like facing a sword that either cuts you in half or offers significant rewards. This feature in the game is known as Push Your Luck mechanism, where the player can take as much risk as he or she wants, thus increasing the chances of winning a prize or losing everything!

The sense of this game for us was like a digger that pushes the soil away and welcomes danger in search of a few more gold. So we put the name of the game Zirkhaki which means relics buried under ground, and we tried to make the game items relevant to the theme so that it was meaningful in the gameplay. We also chose the traditional illustration for the art style and assign it to the mighty hands of Amir Khaleghi.

So if you, like us, have no ground to dig and no cave to explore and no ruins to excavate, join us on the table and push your luck to the limit of your courage and seek Zirkhaki and watch the beauty of a card’s flipping which will deliver you all the promised gold or … nothing!

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