From Paris to Shiraz

Amir Salamati/ August 10, 2019/ News/ 0 comments

We are proudly announce Rakab, the Persian Edition of Condottiere, an acclaimed area control game by Dominique Ehrhard to be released this month.

In Rakab, 2 to 6 players compete to control areas on the map by participating in several battles. In each battle players strengthen their army by playing soldier cards and scheming other players with modifiers cards. The player who captures 3 adjacent areas or 5 areas on the map wins the game.

The story of Rakab started in the summer of 2018 with the email I sent to Dominique Erhard, the designer of the original title, to ask him about acquiring the right of the Persian edition. His response was unbelievable: “My wife and I are coming to Iran for summer holidays!”. Surprised by this fortune cookie, I managed to meet them on their arrival in Shiraz. We spend a day together walking in the beautiful streets and gardens of Shiraz talking about literature, culture and gaming in France and Iran.

It took a while, and it was almost late in the winter that I started to prepare the pre-production phase of the game. In the first step, I wanted to change the game world from Renaissance Italy to time and place in Iran. After a bit of research, I chose the vast plains and green mountains of Lorestan (west of Iran). So I decided to leave the illustration to the mighty hands of Mohammad Noureddini whose art style and color-palette I always admired.

For the name of the game, I chose Rakab, which means to deceive and bluff in Persian, which is more close to the feeling and experience of the game. Because this game is more about mind reading and the ability to bluff and challenge others than strategy.

Rakab is a kind of game to trap and mislead opponents. This game is about ambush and waiting for the right moment to hunt, and when that moment comes, you have to take risks and you have to be provocative, any doubts will alert the opponents and then bluffs and threats will no longer be effective. Rekab is one of those games that has hidden magic inside that is formed beyond the game itself and in the space around the table and between the players. The same magic that fascinated us with this hobby.

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