Powerful floodlights, crowd deafening noises, tired legs, sweaty faces, the worried look of the coach, and the spinning ball flying towards the captain. The entire crowd is staring at the captain’s feet, but us at his heart. As they say: 

Talk with your feet, play with your heart! 

As the coach of your team, you need to handle your tactical choices and match them with the arrangement of your mates on the field, raise your team’s morale and make the best out of the individual skills of your stars and prove that you have what it takes to build a super team!

Super Team is a highly-tactical, card-driven board game about Football, featuring a dynamic game flow, an innovative card system, and thematic gameplay to create dramatic moments of an exciting football match. Like an actual match, each game is divided into two halves where players compete to score goals and win.

Each player controls a team and a captain with unique cards and abilities presenting advanced tactical moves along with individual skills to create exciting moments of a real match. Players play cards from their hands during their turn, performing tactics by rolling dice to gain extra movements and actions as bonuses and increase their team’s morale, which is somehow the game’s resource.

Performing tactics successfully is not as easy as it sounds, and you may need to spend your morale tokens (stars) to enhance your dice rolls on critical events such as a perfect pass-through, saving a chip shot, or simply an extra movement! Each player also has a team tableau with 6 Coach Markers which specifies how many dice a player can roll on any specific action. At the start of the game, players distribute their markers in any order they want and may re-arrange them between two halves to form a different array and head up a new strategy.

A player’s draw deck may change during a match since performing some tactics may add Fatigue Cards to their hand, limiting their performance. Fatigue Cards, like other cards, reshuffle back to draw deck when used and may return to the player’s hand later in the game. However, each player can remove up to 2 Fatigue cards from their deck between two halves of the match.

The game also features a solo mode against a powerful AI team (called AutoTeam) with three difficulty levels and a great eagerness to beat the human race in a match! As the human representative, you have to control the AutoTeam activities with a deck of 12 cards showing all of the stuff she’s doing on her turn, including when and where to strike or pass the ball and how many Morale tokens to spend on actions.

You can play Super Team online through the board game simulator, Tabletopia. It’s free to play but you will need an opponent and an understanding of the rules. Join our Discord community to find online opponents for casual matches. Discord features voice and video chat so you can chat to your opponent while you play.

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