Fly or Not

Can a bird fly? What about a bird tied with chains?? Or a bird tied with chains, with a hot jet-pack on her back, trapped in a cage with balloons on top of it???

Fly or Not is an action/dexterity game in which players need to act quickly and grab the right answer to the question “Can this animal, equipped with these items and tools, fly or not?” from the table before anyone else can.

On each turn players:

  1. Reveal a card; each round a card reveals which shows an animal that may fly or not!
  2. Roll dice; roll 1-3 dice based on the difficulty level which will affect the result.
  3. Grab the answer; if the result of “card+dice” flies, grab the “fly” marker (blue). If not, grab “not fly” marker (orange).
  4. Score points; Players may gain or lose points based on the marker they grabbed.

The first player to achieve a certain number of points (based on the number of players) wins the game!

Fly or Not is the 3rd prize winner of the 2019 Hippodice game design Contest.

Hippodice is one of the best-known and oldest competitions in the boardgame design society that is held annually at Germany. Many games have found their way to the shelves through this competition.